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Learn more about Kate Merchant's novels. New Direction - second novel of a A Long Journey series.

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New Direction

A Long Journey – New Direction is the second book of a Long Journey series. 




Sophie Walker left England with a broken heart eight years ago but has come back for a once in a lifetime work opportunity. During a chance encounter, Sophie runs into her ex-boyfriend Geoff Carmichael and his sister Emma, the two people who betrayed her during her final year of Dowsford College. Both Sophie and Geoff struggle to free themselves from the past and wonder if there is any possible future together.




I read this sequel because I had become invested in the characters Sophie and Geoff. It was nice to find out how their story continued. My same criticism with the first book carries over to this one: the graphic sexual descriptions don't match the compelling writing style of the rest of the book......


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I really liked the first book and wanted to see where the story would take Sophie and Geoff. I have to admit that the second book is even better than the first one! It’s exciting and griping, and I love the characters. I look forward to read the 3rd book.....


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As with Kate's first sequel of this story "the adventure begins", this second sequel, "New direction" is evermore intriguing and superbly written.
I am eagerly waiting for the third and final sequel.
Keep up the good work Kate.....


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