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I began writing books between my 8th and 9th grade year.  My mom wanted to practice my handwriting so it would finally be legible. Well, on the bright side, I did finish my book, but my handwriting is still atrocious – sorry Mom.  Every year, until I graduated high school, I would write a different book. One advantage of having bad writing was that I was the only one who could ever read it, so I wasn’t worried about anyone criticizing my work.  My brother-in-law found out about my hobby and encouraged me to start writing a book, saying someone who read at least one book a day had to be able write at least one story.  So did my sister and my husband when they found out what I had been doing.


For the better part of a decade, I tried to finish one story, but I could never find the time, or at least that was what I told myself.  One day I decided to take my family’s advice and sat down to write the first part of the Long Journey Series.  Many, many, many, long nights and skipped lunch breaks later, I completed Part 1 of my novel: The Adventure Begins.  Thank you to my family for pushing me to finish this book.  And thank you to Kindle for providing a publishing forum for independent authors!

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Learn more about Kate Merchant's novels

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Book 1: A Long Journey:

The Adventure Begins

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Book 2: A Long Journey:

New Direction

A Long Journey - Book 3.jpg

Book 3: A Long Journey:

True North

Making Our Own Way

A Man's World

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Winter's Dawn


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